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Sustainability: the key that connects Latinos across the Americas

Sep 16, 2022 | Sustainable Perspectives | 0 Comentarios

Not only the Spanish Language brings people together in the Americas, from the bottom of the continent (Punta Arenas, Chile) to the northernmost point of Canada. Demography labels them Latinos -those who dwell in the United States- or just Latin American people. Altogether, common bonds in culture and economy, plus migration, connect us.

Recent (2021) surveys reveal that Sustainability and related topics (Climate change, for example) arise as a closer issue to the everyday lives of Latinos than ever before. Does this trend entail any opportunity?

A personal business

8 out of every 10 adult Latinos (81%) living in the USA consider Climate Change as a top world issue and 7 out of every 10 (7%) climate change is affecting their local community at least some, a higher share than among non-Hispanic adults (54%), according to the Pew Report’s National Survey of Latinos, published in April 2021.

This echoes previous findings from the same study, which found Latinos are concerned about the financial and overall well-being of their children and future generations.

How to tackle the climate crisis in the eyes of the Latinos? Safeguarding the environment, firstly and also: individual action: reducing food waste (83%) to using less single-use plastic and less water (76% each).

Many of these findings are shared by other Latinos across Latin America: respondents to People’s Climate Vote, a 2021 worldwide Survey by the United Nations Development Program, considered the climate crisis as “an emergency” (January 2021). There are coincidences: like their neighbors from the Northern Hemisphere, people from Latin America also believe in environmental protection and fostering the green economy and jobs as preferred solutions.

Together: more opportunities

The USA and Latin America have enjoyed a long-lasting relationship on commercial and human exchange from more than a century (in particular recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, according to statutes).

Technology offers multiples opportunities of inter-growth across frontiers. We have seen this through CapacitaRSE´s activities, where Latinos from all backgrounds have come together to upscale their professional skills and where common solutions are built, such as the upcoming International Certificate in ESG&T Risks.

We have also started our search for the 50 Latino Sustainability Latinos in the US to showcase their stories and achievements during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Do you know anyone who could fit this profile?
Share their story in comments or apply to become part of our premier network of Sustainability Professionals in the Americas.

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