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#ReportaLatam: Sustainability Reporting in Latin America

The #ReportaLatam Forum, organised by CapacitaRSE, presents the latest trends on Sustainable Reporting upheld among companies in Latin America and facilitates networking and advice among practitioners.

An open event for all participants, #ReportaLatam will also showcase sucessful sustainability reporting cases within Latin America, representing the best-known standards and frameworks such as Global Reporting International, SASB World Economic Forum and more), plus examples on succesful ESG data disclosure.

On Wednesday 20th, 2022, join #ReportaLatam at 10am Miami (EST) on our Latam website https://cursosderse.com/reportalatam/.

You are invite to know the schedule of our Free Forum.

Introduction to #ReportaLatam 2022 by Estefanía Salazar, Digital Projects Manager of CapacitaRSE.

GUA / HON / SV / NI: 08:00 – 08:10 am
COL / ECU / PTY / PER / CDMX: 09:00 – 09:10 am
Miami / BO / CHI / VEN / PAR / RD: 10:00 – 10:10 am
ARG / BRA / UY: 11:00 – 11:10 am

20 minutes presentation from TFCD Task Force member.

GUA / HON / SV / NI: 08:10 – 08:35 am
COL / ECU / PTY / PER / CDMX: 09:10 – 09:35 am
Miami / BO / CHI / VEN / PAR / RD: 10:10 – 10:35 am
ARG / BRA / UY: 11:10 – 11:35 am

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Case 1:  Grupo Bancolombia (10.40 a 10.55 am Miami)

Case 2: Cementos Progreso (10.55 a 11.10 am Miami)

Case 3: Metro de Santiago (11.10 a 11.25 am Miami)

GUA / HON / SV / NI: 08:40 – 09:35 am
COL / ECU / PTY / PER / CDMX: 09:40 – 10:35 am
Miami / BO / CHI / VEN / PAR / RD: 10:40 – 11:35 am
ARG / BRA / UY: 11:40am – 12:35 pm

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Moderator: Alberto Guajardo, I+D Senior Partner of CapacitaRSE

GUA / HON / SV / NI: 09:35 – 09:55 am
COL / ECU / PTY / PER / CDMX: 10:35 – 10:55 am
Miami / BO / CHI / VEN / PAR / RD: 11:35 – 11:55 am
ARG / BRA / UY: 12:35pm – 12:55 pm

(incluye preguntas y respuestas)

Last ideas on behalf of Estefanía Salazar, Digital Projects Manager of CapacitaRSE

GUA / HON / SV / NI: 09:55 – 10:05 am
COL / ECU / PTY / PER / CDMX: 10:55 – 11:05 am
Miami / BO / CHI / VEN / PAR / RD: 11:55 – 12:05 pm
ARG / BRA / UY: 12:55pm – 1:05 pm

Metro de Santiago - Caso en Reporta Latam
Paula del Campo de Metro de Santiago

Paulina Del Campo – Customer & Sustainability Manager at Metro de Santiago

Metro S.A is the state-owned company that runs Santiago´s (Chile´s capital) subway system, also known as the Metro de Santiago. This transport System is considered one of the best in Latin America, carrying around 2.5 million passengers daily. Its most recent Sustainability Report seeks to integrate different standards and frameworks such as GRI and the World Economic Forum: link (Spanish).


Cementos Progreso - Caso en Reporta Latam
Jorge Rolando Escoto de Cementos Progreso

Jorge Rolando Escoto, Planning & Social Strategy Manager at Cementos Progreso

Cementos Progreso is a family business of Guatemalan origin founded in 1899, focused on the production and marketing of cement and other products, services and solutions for construction, with clients in Central America, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, the Caribbean and part of South America. Its 2020 Sustainability Report, prepared in an exhaustive version of the GRI Standard, has been externally verified by CentraRSE, Center for the Action of Corporate Social Responsibility in Guatemala.

Bancolombia - Caso ASG en Reporta Latam
Ricardo Sandoval de Bancolombia

Ricardo Sandoval, Deputy of Research, Oil & Gas at Bancolombia

Grupo Bancolombia S.A. is a full-service financial institution that provides financial products and services in Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, Peru and Guatemala. It is one of the Colombian companies currently listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Read its ESG-focused 2021 Sustainability Report here (Spanish).

Latin America has stopped running behind Reportability trends and is now a key player of the new Standards and Frameworks that allow transparency to be accelerated in the region. At Reporta Latam we will seek to have cases that help understand how this practice has evolved.

Fernando Legrand

Managing Partner, CapacitaRSE

Free Registration

#ReportaLatam Forum is an open event, 100% free access to sustainability & ESG professionals of any country in the Americas and will be display in spanish with keynote speakers from the main Reporting Frameworks and Standards, and Business Cases from our Alumni and Strategic Allies.

You only have to register to receive the notice of the start of the Forum on Wednesday, April 20, 15 minutes before the start according to the time in your country.